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Today’s Coloring Sheet: Lodgepole Pine

The Drawing:

This coloring sheet was hand drawn from an original photograph. See below for both the original drawing and the photograph that inspired it!

Here is a video of Jessica actually drawing the image!

More information about wildfire in Lodgepole Pine:

Here is some great information from the U.S. National Park Service’s website on Lodgepole Pine:

Lodgepole pine is an evergreen conifer tree that ranges from Alaska to Mexico. Generally, it grows in dry montane and subalpine forests in the Rocky Mountains to near the Pacific Ocean. Lodgepole pine has needles in groups of two. It produces two types of closed cones: serotinous and non-serotinous, and the seedlings love direct sun.

The bark of lodgepoles is thin, which does not protect the trunks from scorching by fire. They die easily when a fire passes through. However, the serotinous cones give lodgepole pine a special advantage for spreading seeds for the next generation. These cones are closed tight with resin that melts during a fire and releases seeds that have been stored for years. These seeds germinate in conditions that favor the tree’s seedlings, where the forest floor is clear and plenty of sunlight shines through an open canopy. Stand replacement fires in lodgepole pines usually happen every 150 to 400 years, but can be as frequent as 15 years if conditions are dry and windy enough. Due to a warming climate, fires in lodgepole are becoming more frequent and larger.

Visit their website to see a great photo of a serotinous pine cone opened by fire!

Download the coloring sheet again:

Click on the image below to download sheets in different languages.

Be sure to share your completed picture with us!


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