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With the help of our amazing sponsors and supporters, we are able to capture, preserve, and share the story of wildland fire. In doing so, we are able to give voice to the history of wildland firefighters and to wildland fire itself—in a way that has never been done before. We are extraordinarily proud to have the sponsorship and support of every company, organization, and individual listed on this page.

Our sponsors and supporters are committed to the wildland fire community, engaged in the industry, and recognize the value of preserving its legacy. Be sure to thank them for supporting The Smokey Generation!

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Etti Bane –  Pam & Dave McDonald  –  Mitchell Family  –  Travis and Heather Ness  –  The William Hannah Family  –  Riva  –  Dan Hannah  –  Ben Hannah  –  Justin Vernon Brian Grabowski Jason B Milligan Pimentel Dana Skelly Joe Hannah and Hien Hoang Bill Heacox Brian Tai Kathleen Healy –  Scott Burghardt And More…



Why should you sponsor The Smokey Generation?

Because you believe we should preserve the stories and history of wildland fire. You want the public to understand the importance of fire in the environment. You’ve got an itch to become part of the legacy.  You love being a part of the wildland firefighting community.

Every dollar helps tell these stories. The wildland firefighting industry is rich in experiences, fascinating in its culture, and incredibly insightful about role of fire in the environment. There are so many skilled and gifted wildland firefighters and leaders whose stories we risk losing due to illness and/or age, not to mention the great stories from current firefighters at all points in their careers. Your contribution will enable us to tap into the fount of knowledge these fascinating firefighters possess – and share these stories for years to come.

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