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Simply fill out the form below to share your fire photos and videos. Your materials may be used to further enrich the site and will be added to our user-submitted wildland fire historical photo library (for example, National Smokejumper Association photos should be submitted here). Please note, any material you submit may be posted on the site, as well as our social media accounts (so by sharing with us, you could be sharing with the world!). Thank you for sharing!

We ask that you go through your collection and contribute meaningful photos from your wildland fire career. Slides and hardcopies can be submitted, as well, just contact us for instructions. General guidelines for photo and video submission include the following:

  • We are looking for photos that have historical and/or cultural relevance to the smokejumping and greater wildland fire community.
    Images should be good quality, clear, and well composed.
  • They should be unique with interesting content (e.g., people, places, etc. — images that have entertainment value are welcomed). Photos of people and images that really capture the culture are highly encouraged.
  • Please provide as much information as you can about each image: Names of people in the photo, dates, base (if applicable), location, fire name (if you can remember), what’s happening, etc.
  • Before you upload your images, please change the file names to include: Description of photo_Date taken_ Submitters Last Name.
  • Photos should be submitted at the highest resolution, highest quality possible. Large files are accepted and appreciated.
  • Things we don’t want included: photos that show common occurrences, blurry, unclear shots, or those without any historical or cultural relevance (such as pictures of a tree torching or a hillside on fire – unless they are spectacular).

Instructions: You’ll need to drag and drop your photos, provide a title and description of each image/file, and hit upload for each file before you click “submit.” Please make sure to provide at least the crew and or names of individuals and the year the photo or video was taken at a minimum (these photos will be included in our historical photo archive). If you have a huge number of photos you’d like to contribute, or hardcopy images, contact us directly to work out the best method.

Submit your photos and videos here:

Warning: After dropping files into the uploader, and providing a title and description, you must click “UPLOAD” for EACH FILE, in order to complete the process. Otherwise, the form will submit, but won’t include the files.

Please note, by submitting your photos and videos, you assert that this material is your own, you hold all necessary rights (copyright, etc.) to the material and the content therein, and freely give The Smokey Generation and its affiliates nonexclusive license to make use of the material on the website, within videos, and for purposes of promoting greater The Smokey Generation project (e.g., commercial and non-commercial use). You also understand that you will not receive compensation for use of submitted content and that donation of your material to a public institution for the purposes of historical archiving may occur in the future. Click here to view the complete Terms of Use.