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Today’s Coloring Sheet: Good Fire

The Photograph:

Each coloring sheet is created from a real photograph. Each coloring sheet is created from a real photograph. This photograph was taken by a wildland fire scientist and firefighter/firelighter named Dr. Sasha Berleman. You can learn more about her here!

Converted image:

We hope you enjoyed coloring your sheet. How does it compare to the photo above? Does the photo make you think differently about the picture? Did you use different colors? We can’t wait to see everyone’s finished coloring, so be sure to share below or on social media (with your parent’s permission, of course)!

What is going on in this photo?

Audubon Canyon Ranch’s Fire Forward is a fantastic program directed by Dr. Sasha Berleman, who has been featured in our coloring sheets. This image shows a live fire training – which is a training that allows participants to use actual fire in a controlled setting (so they can get good experience). It that took place on a roughly 20,000 acre (8100 hectare) ranch that straddles Sonoma and Mendocino Counties in Northern California, USA, an area that never lost it’s burning culture even in the dominant era of fire suppression! Participating in the training were members of the Good Fire Alliance (Sonoma County’s budding Prescribed Fire Association). The goal of the prescribed training fire was to improve the diversity of habitat for the birds during nesting season.

The training started with gathering the community, getting to know one another, and letting the newest participants set up and use a driptorch for the first time. A driptorch is a device that allows fire practitioners to “drip” fire onto the ground in a controlled manner – they are the red canisters in the photos. Here are some more photos from the day:

Download the coloring sheet again:

Click on the image below to download sheets in different languages.

Be sure to share your completed picture with us!


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