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Today’s Coloring Sheet: Campfires and BBQs

The Drawing:

This coloring sheet was hand drawn by an artist and wildland firefighter named Michelle Yurick! We asked her to show humans using fire in their everyday life and this is a great example of how people use fire as a tool. How many ways can you see?

How many ways can you think of that humans use fire as a tool in everyday life?

People gather and connect around bonfires.
Barbecues use fire to heat and cook food.
People cook food over open fires, too!
Cook stoves often use fire as a source of heat to cook food.
Many people use fireplaces or wood stoves to heat their homes.
Many religions use fire as part of their rituals and worship.
Many industries use fire to create energy.
Your house may use a combustion heater to warm your home.
Many water heaters use fire to heat water for your home.
Candles are used for many reasons, including for light and to create a calm atmosphere in your space.
Fires are sometime used as a source of ambiance and comfort in people’s homes.
Lanterns are used to magnify light from flames so that you can see better in the dark.
Fire is used as a source of inspiration, meaning, and hope, like the Olympic torch.
Fireworks are used to celebrate many events around the world!
Prescribed, planned, or controlled fires are used all over the globe to help support ecosystems.

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