By on March 17, 2020

Today’s Coloring Sheet: Anna

The Photograph:

Each coloring sheet is created from a real photograph. This photo was taken by an amazing wildland firefighter and photographer named Kyle Miller. He is works on the Wyoming Hotshot Crew, just like Anna – who is featured in the picture. Hotshot crews are highly skilled 20-person hand crews that travel all over the United States of America (and sometimes Canada) to suppress wildfires, do prescribed burning, and complete forestry and rangeland management projects.

Converted image:

We hope you enjoyed coloring your sheet. How does it compare to the photo above? Does the photo make you think differently about the picture? Did you use different colors? We can’t wait to see everyone’s finished coloring, so be sure to share below or on social media (with your parent’s permission, of course)!

What is Anna doing?

Anna is using a drip torch (a special fire lighting tool) to light the grass on fire in an area that requires fire to be healthy. She is an expert at using fire as a ecosystem management tool. She and other members of the crew are lighting the fire at night because the moisture in the grass, other plants, and air is higher at night, which means the fire won’t burn as hot. This enables the crew to keep the fire at a low intensity, which protects other plants and trees in the area from burning. Controlled burns like the one Anna is helping to complete are an essential part of healthy forest management. Pretty cool, right?

Download the coloring sheet again:

Click on the image below to download sheets in different languages.

Be sure to share your completed picture with us!


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