By on March 30, 2020

Today’s Coloring Sheet: Lara

The Photograph:

Each coloring sheet is created from a real photograph. This photograph was taken by Russian wildland firefighter named, Anton “Benny” Beneslavskiy, who works as an advisor at Greenpeace International and as a Fire Project Leader at Greenpeace Russia.

Converted image:

We hope you enjoyed coloring your sheet. How does it compare to the photo above? Does the photo make you think differently about the picture? Did you use different colors? We can’t wait to see everyone’s finished coloring, so be sure to share below or on social media (with your parent’s permission, of course)!

What is going on in this photo?

Lara is working in a burned area doing what is called, mop-up. Mop-up is work that involves extinguishing or removing burning material near control lines, felling snags (hazardous or fire-weakened trees), and trenching logs to prevent rolling after an area has burned. It involves hard physical work, such as digging, moving heavy material, stirring water into ash pits, and more. It helps make the fire safe, reduces smoke, and ensures the fire is completely out. Here is a video showing some mop-up activities:

Download the coloring sheet again:

Click on the image below to download sheets in different languages.

Be sure to share your completed picture with us!


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