By on April 15, 2020

Today’s Coloring Sheet: Wildland Firefighters

The Drawing:

This coloring sheet was hand drawn by an artist named Jason Rose, owner/artist at Soft Comics! This was the photo that inspired his drawing:

Forest Service Photo by Roger Ottmar

What is happening in this photo?

A firefighter from Eglin Air Force Base expertly lights a prescribed fire under directions from fire researchers. Such professional work was evident, greatly helping researchers collect data that was accurately measured and had to coincide with separate research projects. The USDA Forest Service acknowledges funding from the Joint Fire Science Program under Project JFSP 11-2-1- (Forest Service Photo by Roger Ottmar)

Be sure to look at other resources to learn more about wildland firefighting. It’s truly a rewarding, enriching, and wonderful career!

Download the coloring sheet again:

Click on the image below to download sheets in different languages.

Be sure to share your completed picture with us!


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