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Did you know there are hundreds of videos showcased on The Smokey Generation from several dozen interviews (and more on the way!)?  Throughout all of the stories, there are amazing commonalities and intriguing differences.  The “Stories by Topic” page is designed to allow you to explore these similarities and variances by organizing the videos according to like topics.

Interested in hearing riveting stories about close calls on the fireline?  Wonder how wildland firefighters view the role of fire in the environment?  Curious about what might be the characteristics of an “ideal” Hotshot?  This page is for you.

You can view stories by selecting a topic below; the thumbnails will then re-group themselves to show you only the videos that fall within your selection.  All you need to do is hover over the thumbnails to view the titles of the videos and then click on the videos you want to watch in the video player (which will pop-up once you make your selection).  It’s a simple way to view only the stories that interest you!  NEW: The Smokejumper Collection! Click here to see the new smokejumper stories.

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