Nick Glatt

Hotshot Lead Firefighter | Interviewed May, 2014 | Oregon
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How does Nick see the role of fire in the environment?

“…there are people that—I think—that don’t understand even if you’re doing work around their community and creating a buffer from a possible wildfire that would take over that community, they still don’t understand. I think it’s because we’re attached to the government and a lot of people are against certain things that the government does; so if we’re attached to the government then obviously it we’re not doing the right thing. They’re just not educated on what’s going on. If you go out East, it’s interesting. Where I grew up in Chicago, a lot of people don’t really know much about wildfire at all. I think their opinions are kind of just—I think they’re more open about it—they just don’t know anything about it, opposed to people out West who either have a jaded view or a positive view.”